What is The Best Sandwich Cutter and Sealer in 2022?

  • by Shea Cleverly
What is The Best Sandwich Cutter and Sealer in 2022?

Children love lunchtime. It’s a relaxing period to take a break from the day, spend time with treasured friends and, of course, enjoy tasty food. When most of us think of homemade school lunches, we imagine simple snacks and a sandwich accompanied by a drink, but why not make things more interesting? Sandwich cutters are what you need to make your NZ kid’s lunch extraordinary.

You can use all sorts of products and tools to completely transform an ordinary lunch into a fun experience. Sandwich sealers and cutters and change a regular sandwich into adorable and cool shapes that’ll surprise and delight your child.

What Are Sandwich Sealers And Cutters?

Among all the wondrous products out there that can make your child’s food more interesting, sandwich sealers and cutters are one of the most popular.

These products are small, easy-to-use tools that can be used to cut out sections of any sandwich into cute shapes. They can turn one sandwich into a handful of small but adorable mini-sandwiches. Their shape and stamp will depend on the design of the product you purchase.

Sandwich cutters are loved by NZ kids because:

They Make Lunchtime More Visually Interesting. Every parent knows that children eat with their eyes. If something doesn’t look good, they won’t eat it! But if something looks intriguing, they’ll be more likely to at least give it a try. What’s not to love about a delicious sandwich cut into a cute shape?

They Come In A Wide Variety Of Looks And Shapes. The most popular shapes for sandwich seals and cutters are usually animal shapes, but that’s not all you have to choose from. If you look at any collection of sandwich sealers and cutters, you’ll find everything from adorable animals to the entire alphabet.

With this incredible variety, you can find something for everyone! There’s an option for every kind of child there is. Younger children can even have fun learning their alphabet by enjoying these tasty treats created by NZ sandwich cutters.

They Can Encourage Your Child To Finish Their Food Responsibly. No parent wants to clean their child’s lunchbox only to find that they’ve forgotten many of their treats. Not finishing their healthy meal is wasteful, and not eating enough isn’t healthy when your child is still growing.

But what kid will forget to eat their sandwich if it’s in the shape of a teddy bear or a dinosaur? These eye-catching treats can encourage your child to eat appropriately and nourish their growing bodies.

They’re Simple And Easy To Use. The above-listed benefits are great for your children, but what about you? You’ll love how straightforward these sandwich cutters are. Just make your sandwich like normal, use the cutter to stamp and seal the sandwich and you’re good to go!

Sandwich sealers and cutters add an extra step to meal prep time, but this simple step can do so much for your child’s lunch.

They’re Relatively Affordable And Can Be Used For Years. You can find very affordable cutter and sealer sets online. But, even if the shape you choose is a little pricier, the money will be very much worth it because these fun tools can be used for years. One easy purchase can impact your child’s lunches for the better for many years to come.

So, Which Sandwich Cutters Are Best For My Family?

By now, you still might have one crucial question: Which sandwich sealer and cutter is the best?

The truth is, the best one is the one that your child likes the most! There are so many shapes to choose from, so you may want to pick one you know your child will adore. Or, choose a handful so that you can mix things up.

When you choose, make sure you consider:

  • What Your Child Likes. Of course, always think about your child’s interest as you choose the product you’ll be using for their lunch.
  • How Many You Can Get. Consider getting a few different sandwich cutters so you can change things up every once in a while. Your child can have a fun surprise at every lunch!
  • Other Products To Make Lunch Fun. There are plenty of other products that’ll improve lunchtime as well. Things like notes, stickers, colourful lunchboxes, food picks and more can all make the meal better.

Where Can I Get Delightful Lunchbox Supplies In New Zealand?

No matter what product you choose, it’s crucial that you buy from a reputable seller that offers quality products that are built to be safe and fun. At The Lunchbox Collection, we aim to be exactly that kind of seller. All of our sandwich sealers and cutters are designed to be delightful, easy to use and very safe.

That’s not all we have, either! Our store contains plenty of interesting products that can improve any meal. Please mail us at hello@thelunchboxcollection.co.nz if you have any thoughts or questions.

The Lunchbox Collection can supply you with everything you need to make lunchtime perfect.


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