Reduce Waste and Save Money with Reusable Yoghurt Pouches in NZ

  • by Shea Cleverly
Reduce Waste and Save Money with Reusable Yoghurt Pouches in NZ

Going green is the future, and you most likely use different types of reusable products in your daily life. Are you looking for more smart reusable products? If so, consider using reusable yoghurt pouches when packing lunches for your NZ kids.

That’s right, along with the many fantastic disposable container alternatives in the world, you can now pack yummy yoghurt without worrying about excessive waste.

These pouches are better than disposable pouches in virtually every way. Read on to learn why!

What Are Reusable Yoghurt Pouches?

They’re exactly what they sound like - yoghurt pouches that can be cleaned and then reused after each use rather than being tossed into the rubbish bin. They come in several sizes and colours and are designed to be very easy for everyone to use.

People of all ages can enjoy tasty, healthy yoghurt, even young children! So these fun NZ reusable yoghurt pouches are great for everyone in the family.

Did you know that yoghurt has heaps of health benefits that make them the perfect treat for children who can eat it? Even children who are lactose intolerant can enjoy yummy yoghurt made from soy milk or other lactose-free alternatives.

We recommend yoghurt because it’s such a healthy and versatile food. You can eat it plain on its own or incorporate it into heaps of delicious recipes.

Don’t like yoghurt? That’s not a problem! These pouches are perfect for smoothies, applesauce, baby food, purees, juice and more!

Why Choose These Pouches Over Pre-Packaged Disposable Pouches?

There are countless great reasons why you should choose NZ reusable yoghurt pouches over pre-packaged yoghurt snacks that get discarded after a single use. For example:

They Reduce Waste. Obviously, the biggest benefit of using reusable containers is that you’re reducing waste. Some people may think, ‘It’s just one yoghurt pouch getting thrown in the bin; it’s not that bad!’ but just think about that one pouch multiplied by every child who had one at lunch, and then think about those children having a yoghurt pouch every day. That’s a lot of waste!

Purchasing these fantastic reusable pouches and encouraging other eco-conscious parents to purchase them can seriously reduce waste. It might be a minor step, but every step counts.

They Save Money. Do you know that you can smartly save a bit of money by making homemade yoghurt? Yes, you can make your own tasty yoghurt at home and eat it with your favourite ingredients. You’ll save money and show your kids that not everything needs to be bought pre-made at the store.

Making your own yoghurt, or even buying larger containers of yoghurt instead of pre-packaged portions of yoghurt, can save you money. Single-use packs of yoghurt are often wildly overpriced when compared to larger yoghurt containers.

You can also make delicious healthy smoothies and more. Nearly anything can go into a smoothie, so have fun trying new combos with your family to see what you love.

They’re Visually Pleasing. On top of being useful, they’re also adorable! Look at our selection of NZ reusable yoghurt pouches to see all the different colours and sizes we have. Look for pouches in colours that your kids love.

Even doing something as simple as getting food containers that look pleasing to your kid can encourage them to try new food.

They’re Easy To Use. You might get a little nervous when handing a pouch full of yoghurt to a small child. One second they’re clean; the next, they’re covered in food.

But don’t worry; these innovative pouches are equipped with a no-spill insert that can be attached or removed. You can teach your child how to open, use and close their new pouch easily. Please teach your children how to fully close the pouch every time they do to avoid accidental spills. Your kid will happily enjoy their new yoghurt pouch on their own in no time, with minimal spills and messes.

In addition to being easy to use, they’re also easy to fill. You can prop them up (the pouch can stand on its own) and remove the top to fill the pouch up with delicious and nutritious food.

They’re Easy To Clean. Yoghurt and other yoghurt-esque food are absolutely delicious, but the thought of trying to reach into and clean out a bottle to get every bit of leftover yoghurt might fill you with dread. Who wants to deal with that every single day?

No worries, you won’t have to. These NZ reusable yoghurt pouches can be turned inside out for easy cleaning. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe (top rack only), which makes them even easier to clean.

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