Make Lunch Fun for Kids with Sandwich Cutters in NZ

  • by Shea Cleverly
Make Lunch Fun for Kids with Sandwich Cutters in NZ

Having a sense of fun and wonder is always important, especially for kids! Children love cool shapes and creative ideas, and encouraging them to see the wonderful side of the world can help them grow into happy adults. This sense of whimsy doesn't have to stay in art class; why not introduce a bit of magic into lunchtime with NZ sandwich cutters?

How can mealtime be enhanced with sandwich cutters? Keep reading to find out!

What Are Sandwich Cutters?

These are neat, easy-to-use tools that allow you to cut sandwiches in fun and creative ways. That's right, don't settle for a simple cut down the middle. Why not choose a dinosaur or a unicorn? Your kid will be absolutely delighted when they open their lunch box only to discover that their favourite sandwich is cut like a star or a heart.

These cutters come in many different shapes and sizes. To use them right, all you must do is align them with your sandwich and press down until it's cut and ready to go into your child's lunch box.

Why Use NZ Sandwich Cutters? Why Not Leave Sandwiches Whole?

These cutters seem like fun, but what are the benefits of using them?

They Encourage Children To Eat Their Food And Try New Things. A smart way to encourage your child to eat new, healthy food is to get creative. Getting your kids to try healthy food isn't always easy.

Picture this - you're a small child, and your parents are trying to get you to try a new kind of sandwich, but you don't want to. It looks like a plain, normal sandwich. But what if they brought out a sandwich that looked like a lion or a rocket ship? You're far more likely to be interested!

Sometimes the hardest step is getting your child to take one little bite. Then when they do, they might discover that they love it.

They're Good For Picky Eaters. NZ sandwich cutters can be a great choice for picky eaters. Turning their sandwich into a crust-free, appealing treat can get even the most stubborn children to take at least one bite. Who could resist a sandwich in the shape of a mermaid?

They Make It Easier To Fit Things In Food Containers. Lunch boxes and bento boxes are a convenient and smart way to fit a lot of healthy food into a compact container. But fitting an entire sandwich into one of these containers may not be easy.

If you don't have space in the container for a full sandwich among all the other delicious treats you lovingly packed for your child, you can cut it up in imaginative ways to get it to fit. Your child can still enjoy a tasty sandwich along with all of their other yummy food.

We recommend also using food picks if you use mini NZ sandwich cutters on your sandwiches. This can prevent sandwiches from coming apart as the lunch box gets moved. Plus, it adds a bit more whimsy to lunchtime.

You Can Mix Things Up Every Day. Consider purchasing different sets of sandwich cutters. Then, you can mix things up every day. One day the peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a dinosaur; the next day, the grilled cheese looks like a shark, and so on.

Your kids can have a lot of wholesome fun opening their lunch boxes to a surprise every day.

You Can Personalise Your Kid's Lunches to Their Interests. The wide variety of different sandwich cutters means that you'll certainly find something that appeals to your unique children. We have awesome shapes for all kinds of children, from kids who love cars and trains to kids who love animals.

They're Not Just For Sandwiches! Just because they're called 'NZ sandwich cutters' doesn't mean they're only for sandwiches! Get creative and try out your fun tools on different types of food.

How delighted will your child be when they find their sliced veggies cut up into hearts or their watermelon cut into letters? Pair mini-cutter creations with food picks to create a magical lunchtime experience.

Think about using your cutters on food like bread, fruit, vegetables, cheese and more. Standard sandwich cutters are ideal for full sandwiches, but mini cutters are perfect for small treats like vegetables and fruit.

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