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        Reduce waste in the kids’ lunches with our reusable yoghurt pouches in NZ, available now at The Lunchbox Collection. Help NZ - and the world - become more eco-friendly with convenient reusable products from our online store.

        Reusable Food Pouches & Bottles

        At The Lunchbox Collection, we take care to supply the best quality, eco-friendly solutions to families packing their children’s lunches. We search far and wide to find the best producers of quality products that align with our company values. Squeasy is a manufacturer of fabulous food pouches that are perfect for yoghurt and smoothies on the go, eliminating the need for wasteful one-off yoghurt tubs. Squeasy snackers and pouches are ultra-easy to use. All you have to do is fill them with whatever snack your child will enjoy for the day, so they can be used, cleaned, and re-used for endless enjoyment. We have a whole selection of Squeasy products available on our online store - so take a look and find the one that suits your little one’s lunchbox!

        Silicone Baby Food and Drink Pouch

        Ideal for baby food, yoghurt, smoothies, drinks, and more, Squeasy food and drink pouches and designed for on-the-go snacking with no spills and no waste. These products are long-lasting and adaptable, perfect for older kids, toddlers, and babies alike. Let us take you through why we love these pouches here at The Lunchbox Collection.

        We love the material

        Squeasy pouches are made of 100% high-quality food-grade silicone, which means they are safe for everyone in the family! They contain zero traces of PVC, phthalates, or BPA, so rest assured that infants and toddlers are all good to use these products. Another bonus of silicone is that it is fully collapsible when the pouches are not in use. You can even roll them up for extra space saving! Plus, its softness and flexibility make Squeasy bottles easy to handle for the little ones.

        Reusable Yoghurt Pouches NZ

        They are so easy to use

        These reusable yoghurt pouches NZ are easy to use and bring on the go as they are specially designed to eliminate messy spills and fit easily into school lunchboxes, backpacks, and nappy bags. They also stand upright and fit in standard cup holders.

        They feature a no-spill design

        When you are on the move, the leakproof cap seals the top of the pouch to prevent any kind of spill. This safety cap makes it easy for kids to feed themselves free of mess dramas, saving parents and caregivers time spent doing extra washing. Squeasy products have a fantastic, removable, two-in-one lid insert that ensures the top does not spill or leak through your bags. By removing the insert, you can increase the liquid flow and make it easier to consume thicker foods like smoothies or yoghurt.

        They are easy to fill

        These pouches are free-standing, making them much easier to work with than many other food pouch products. With a wide collar and spout, pouring in typically messy foods such as smoothies is now hassle-free with a Squeasy pouch.

        They are life-proof

        At The Lunchbox Collection, we look for products that stand the test of time. Squeasy reusable yoghurt pouches NZ are super robust and are specially designed with reusability and durability in mind. They will withstand a lot of wear, tear, bumps, and knocks, and you can use them again and again.

        Safe for dishwashers and freezers

        The detachable parts of the Squeasy pouches are easy to clean and safe to put in the top rack of the dishwasher. Our tip for cleaning the silicone pouch? Flip it inside-out and wash it by hand - don’t worry, it will not damage the silicone.

        What’s in a Squeasy Yoghurt Pouch?

        Squeasy yoghurt pouches NZ can be separated into five distinct parts for easy cleaning.
        • The no-leak cap is easy to open and close, can stand upside-down, and features a hinge to lock it in place.
        • The drip catch protects against spills when the pouch is in use.
        • The removable insert slows down the flow of water but can be taken out if the pouch has thicker foods like apple sauce or yoghurt.
        • There is a carabiner hole and extra grip to ensure the snack won’t slip out of learning hands.
        • The body has a wide opening for easy filling, consists of 100% food-grade silicone, and stands on its own.

        Shop With The Lunchbox Collection Today

        The Lunchbox Collection was created with kids in mind. Not only do we aim to make mealtimes easy and mess-free, but we also are here to help make them more exciting for the children. Each product that you see in our collection has been thoroughly tested by our small team so you can trust that the brands we work with put quality first. And we are passionate about challenging the idea that single-use items create greater convenience. The products we provide are super easy as well as more environmentally sustainable and are therefore contributing to a better future for our children. Shop online with The Lunchbox Collection today!

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