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    Make your children’s lunches more exciting with these delightful sandwich cutters in NZ. Children love these charming tools that make lunch fun.

    Sandwich Cutters and Stamps

    Get creative and make lunches fun with our range of sandwich cutters and stamps for kids. Explore our products to find what your children will love.

    Lunch Punch PUZZLES Pair of Sandwich Cutters

    These sandwich cutters NZ come in a set of two. Use them for one large sandwich or make multiple bite-size puzzle pieces for your child to enjoy. A best-seller at The Lunchbox Collection, this handy tool was designed to minimise food waste by capturing the most amount of bread possible.

    Shapes Mini Food Cutters Set of 12

    This ultra-cute, all-in-one set of food cutters will get you all the variety you could ask for when packing your child’s lunchbox or Yumbox. Give your child a fun-shaped sandwich surprise every day, or let them choose from the selection of stars, circles, flowers, squares, hearts, and more. These enriching basic shapes also present great opportunities for learning and creativity at lunchtime.

    Cool Shapes Mini Food Cutters Set of 10

    These food cutters make beautiful pictures out of food. Perfect for children who love a bit of storytelling, this collection includes music notes, animals, clouds, stars, hearts, and more.

    Sandwich Cutters NZ

    Alphabet Mini Food Cutters

    For parents looking to make eating and learning fun for kids all in one go, using these mini food cutters, you can get creative with your child’s lunches. Help them learn the alphabet or send them a new message like an “I love you” every day.

    Little Vehicles Mini Sandwich Cutters/Rice Shapers

    For the kids who love machines, this adorable set of four sandwich cutters and moulders is perfect for cutting sandwiches, veggies, cheese, rice, and more. It includes a car, boat, plane, and train, so your child can get a bit of everything when you pack their stainless steel lunchbox.

    Sea and Forest Animal Mini Sandwich Cutters - Set of 4

    These sandwich cutters are so cute and perfect for wee animal lovers. Each includes a sandwich cutter and moulder so you can shape and cut anything you like. Let your child choose from the cat, seal, whale or bear - or give them a cuddly surprise every day.

    Lunch Punch SPORTS Sandwich Cutters - Set of 4

    The perfect set of sandwich cutters NZ for sports lovers will help make lunchtime a game that kids want to engage in! This set includes a baseball, soccer ball, football, and basketball. These large cutters are great for encouraging kids to transition towards eating bigger sandwiches.

    FunBites Sandwich Cutter

    By cutting sandwiches into perfect little squares, this product eliminates food waste and provides kids with easy, manageable, bite-size sandwiches to enjoy for lunch. They are perfect for making sandwiches, fruit, meat, cheese, pancakes, brownies, and more fun.

    Lunch Punch MINIBITES Food Cutters - Set of 6

    These sandwich cutters make sandwiches fun and bite-sized easily. The pack comes in a set of six shapes: star, rectangle, heart, rainbow, circle, and cloud - creating endless possibilities for lunchtime fun.

    Lunch Punch SHARK Sandwich Cutters - Pair

    Here’s the product that will help create food kids want to sink their teeth into - a shark-shaped cutter and a surfboard with a bite-shaped chunk taken out of it. Cleverly designed to capture the maximum amount of bread, this product helps reduce food waste.

    Lunch Punch TRANSIT Sandwich Cutters - Pair

    Perfect for little ones who love all things transit, this product includes both a train and a plane cutter shape. These sandwich cutters in NZ were specially designed to minimise food waste when cutting into a sandwich. 

    Lunch Punch SPACE Sandwich Cutters - Pair

    Take the kids to space with these adventurous sandwich cutters, coming with an alien shape and a rocket ship. Super easy to use, these cutters are large enough to leave only the crust behind when cutting bread, which you can save for making breadcrumbs later.

    Lunch Punch MERMAID Sandwich Cutters - Pair

    With these waste-eliminating mermaid sandwich cutters, which come with one large mermaid cutter and a 3-in-1 mermaid tail maker, you can take the kids on an underwater adventure every lunchtime.

    Lunch Punch UNICORN Sandwich Cutters - Pair

    Give your kids a little magic in their lunchbox with this unicorn sandwich cutter pack, which includes one large unicorn cutter and four beautiful heart-shaped cutters.

    Lunch Punch DINOSAUR Sandwich Cutters - Pair

    These dino sandwich cutters will help your eater fearless with their lunches and work with any sized bread. Make a full-size sandwich with the dinosaur shape or bite-size snacks with the footprint cutter.

    Lunch Punch FAIRY Sandwich Cutters - Pair

    Add sparkle and wonder to your child’s lunchbox with these beautiful fairy sandwich cutters. This pack includes a fairy cutter for a full-size sandwich and four mushroom shapes for bite-size delight.

    Lunch Punch LION Sandwich Cutters - Pair

    Your kids will love this set of lion sandwich cutters. As with all the sandwich cutters available here at The Lunchbox Collection, they are taller than standard cookie cutters so they go right through a sandwich.

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